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Why does Bahr Dental recommend quality dentures? 

Many people choose a partial or full denture to alleviate major dental issues. Our staff can help with:

  • Ensuring your dentures are comfortable.
  • Providing dentures that match your natural smile.
  • Advising on proper denture care and storage.
  • Helping you adapt to your new dentures.

A denture is a prosthetic devices made to replace some or all of a patient's missing teeth.  Dentures can be used in conjunction with dental implants, if desired.  Using dental implants with dentures ususally allows a person greater freedom and stability while eating, speaking, kissing, and smiling! 

Dentures can be partial or complete, depending on how many teeth a patient is missing.  Some dentures have a metal or wire framework, while others are made completely out of acrylic (a material that is made to look like a patient's gum tissue).  Dentures can be rigid or flexible, and can also be retained by dental implants. 

Dr. Bahr has the skills and education necessary to help patients with very difficult or complicated situations, including bone grafts.  He is skilled at placing mini implants and regular dental implants.  Dr. Bahr and his staff are happy to discuss all of your options for missing teeth, and always offer free implant and denture consultations.  We are committed to helping you achieve the smile you want.