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Why does Bahr Dental provide implants?

Our skilled staff members have completed many successful implants for:

  • Permanent bridge replacements.
  • Alternatives to dentures.
  • Teeth that have been removed.
  • Completing a real, healthy smile.

Dr. Bahr has made dental implants an area of priority in his practice.  He continues to pursue dental implant education and has been placing implants since his career started, over ten years ago! Two other dental offices have asked Dr. Bahr to place implants for them in the past.

A dental impant is a natural tooth replacement.  An implant can be placed into the space previously occupied by a broken, cracked, or abscessed tooth.  Most implants are made of titanium, and coated with a material that is compatable with bone. This allows the bone to "grow" around the implant.  Implants are extremeley successful (97-98%), and can last a lifetime if proper care and hygiene are practiced.  Dental implants allow a person to talk, eat, kiss, and smile...without the fear, risk, smell, or uncertainty of partial dentures or bridges.  Implants can be a solution for just one missing tooth, or several missing teeth.